Longboard Vids


Friday, July 2, 2010

Team Section

Post your team info such as code, number of riders, favorite dicipline, and whatever else. Teams can also discuse other things like prototypes and what not. Try to keep posts limited here to only chartered members but other riders can veiw this section as well

Longboarding Help

If you are having problems with a new slide or dancing move ask for tips here and learn all of those new tricks fast. Also this is a good place to ask questions like "How do I change my wheels?" or "What is a nose manual?".

Which board should I get?

This is where you should ask questions of "What should I get on my Kracked Skulls?" or "Is a Kracked Skulls wright for me?"

Kracked Skulls Blog LAUNCHED!!!!

For all those chartered by Kracked Skulls, owners of Kracked Skulls, or those looking to buy a Kracked Skulls check out this blog. Feel free to ask questions, post boards, or anything else that has anything to do with KS here. Everyone needs to help contribute in order to get this blog going so start posting.